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July 26, '03

Here's the scoop, y'all--

Next week's guest strip schedule will be as follows:

Monday: Christopher Harrell of Hotel Grim.

Wednesday:  JP Sloan of Sawdust.

Friday:  John Daiker of Cinderblock.

Two weeks later, Mythocorp strips should begin again in earnest.  I've realized that this is my thing, this is what people like, this is what I'm going to draw.  Odds are I will be taking breaks every now and then to deal with the burn-out factor that my old fans know is a big problem (I've already quit the comic once and put it on "indefinite hiatus" another time--enough of that, I'll just take vacations).

I'm also not going to chain myself to a rigorous update schedule.  I'll attempt M-W-F when I can, but the most I'm going to promise with any regularity is two updates a week.  This isn't my job, after all.

Okay?  Okay.  Have fun with the guest strips; they're funny.  See you in a few.

July 25, '03

In the weeks that I haven't been drawing Mythocorp, my traffic has not decreased a bit.  In fact, my average daily visits have gone up.  I've been linked by a few people I wasn't linked by before, and now new people are visiting the strip, and I sort of feel like a jackass for quitting just because I was in a funk way back when.  It seems that whenever I decide to give up on this, I'm immediately flooded with new readers.  I don't know why.

Next week, I'm going to run three guest strips that I begged for weeks ago, and then maybe a couple weeks after that I'll try to get in gear again.

I'll pretty much be starting from scratch, since, as I said long ago, I hate the storytelling hole I'm in, so I've come up with a hopefully funny way to cheat myself out of that hole, reset some things, and clean up some continuity.  Sort of a "Crisis on Infinite Mythocorps" kind of thing, but without so many crossovers (comic book geek joke!).

Anyway, old fans and new, stay tuned.  If for no other reason than I'm too lazy to start another strip completely from scratch, I'll be back on the horse as soon as I can manage it.

Also:  Note the two extra comics in my "Corporate Approved" box over on the left, and note the absence of another.  Bill the Magician is a very funny, cartoony comic that this guy turned me onto, and Sawdust is a funny, no-frills strip drawn by a Cajun warlock named JP Sloan.

I deleted Elf Only Inn from the list because dear Josh Sortelli has put it on "indefinite hiatus".  If he ever has a change of heart similar to my own, I'll re-link him.

July 02, '03

Mythocorp, in case you haven't figured it out yet, is on an indefinite hiatus.

I'm not going to say it's over, because the last time I said that I made myself out to be a big, fat liar, but I'm also not going to offer any of you dear readers a glimmer of false hope by pretending that I'll have new strips up any time soon.

So, there you go.

Thanks for reading, everybody.

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